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Product Description
Caterpillar Komatsu Large/Mid Size Bulldozers
Caterpillar D5
Caterpillar D5B
Caterpillar D5G
Caterpillar D5H
Caterpillar D5HLGP
Caterpillar D5M
Caterpillar D6
Caterpillar D6C
Caterpillar D6D
Caterpillar D6H
Caterpillar D6H LGP
Caterpillar D6HZ
Caterpillar D6M
Caterpillar D6R
Caterpillar D7E
Caterpillar D7F
Caterpillar D7G
Caterpillar D7G-LGP
Caterpillar D7H
Caterpillar D7H-II
Caterpillar D7R
Caterpillar D8H
Caterpillar D8K
Caterpillar D8L
Caterpillar D8N
Caterpillar D8R
Caterpillar D9G
Caterpillar D9H
Caterpillar D9N
Komatsu D155-1
Komatsu D50-15
Komatsu D50A-15
Komatsu D50A-17
Komatsu D50P-15
Komatsu D50P-16
Komatsu D50P-17
Komatsu D50P-18
Komatsu D50S-15
Komatsu D50S-16
Komatsu D53P-18
Komatsu D53P-18E
Komatsu D53S-17
Komatsu D60A
Komatsu D60A-6
Komatsu D60A-7
Komatsu D60A-8
Komatsu D60P-11
Komatsu D60P-12
Komatsu D60P-12E
Komatsu D60P-6
Komatsu D60P-7
Komatsu D60P-8
Komatsu D60S-3
Komatsu D60S-6
Komatsu D60S-7
Komatsu D60S-8
Komatsu D61P-12
Komatsu D65A-7
Komatsu D65E-12E
Komatsu D65P-11
Komatsu D65P-12
Komatsu D65P-12E
Komatsu D65P-8
Komatsu D65PX-12
Komatsu D65PX-12E
Komatsu D65S-6
Komatsu D66S-1
Komatsu D6D
Komatsu D6D
Komatsu D75S-2
Komatsu D75S-3
Komatsu D80-12
Komatsu D80A-12
Komatsu D85-12
Komatsu D85-18
Komatsu D85A-18
Komatsu D85A-21
Komatsu D85A-21E
Komatsu D85P-12
Komatsu D85P-18
Komatsu D85P-21
Komatsu D85P-21E
Komatsu D85P-21E
Komatsu D155A-1
Komatsu D155A-2
Komatsu D155A-2E
Komatsu D155AX-3E
Komatsu D155AX-5
Komatsu D475-1
Komatsu D475-2
Komatsu D475A-2

Contact Information
23-4 Chiba ken, Sagamihara 34
Sagamihara, chiba
Japan 334-098
  • Tel : 81-3-3524-8280
  • Fax : 81-50-3615-7730
  • Homepage :
    Contact :
    Mr. s akira
    Sales Mgr, International Sales
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